Shipping Policy

We use the Shopify shipping options.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic rapidly becoming the Global Shipping Crisis, we have decided that USPS is our best, most cost-effective solution for shipping. International customers are often hit with ridiculous UPS, DHL, or FedEx "brokerage fees," which can double the cost of shipping.


As I write this (May 2021) the minimum cost of a package to Europe is $28.26, which will cover almost all orders, as that has a max weight of over a kilogram. If your order has clocked a shipping rate much more than that, please contact me at so I can figure out why!

Sometimes, with overseas shipping, adding the CCCP cap to the package can double the shipping cost. If that happens, please make the order without the capacitor, add a $3 tip, and leave a note for me in the box provided! It's very easy to add a capacitor to the package!

As flundrtōn is a hobby venture, we have little headroom for runaway shipping costs, so please don't hesitate to email if things look funny!


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