About flundrton Panels

Posted by Daniel Feldman on

I often get emails that are confused about the sizes of the panels, and what they are used for. 

The Standard and Lotus panels are the same size as

a factory Lyra-8, which is about 10"x10".

Panels on OG Lyralotus and ioOG Lyra sizehammond size

The Hammond Helix Panel is larger...it is 12"x12", made to fit the Hammond 1444-12123 enclosure. The Hammond IO panel is 12"x3", made to fit the back of the Hammond enclosure. 

lotus on helix

You could probably use a standard or a Lotus on the Hammond, but it will look silly, unless you were to populate the unused edges with mods!


At this time, I do not have any 10x10 enclosures, and I'm not aware of one on the market. There are lots of handmade wooden boxes on Etsy. Additionally, you may want to try a Hoffman ASG10X10X4NK steel wiring enclosure (which I have not tried because it seems like overkill.) I have also been eyeing an Ateco 12010 aluminum cake pan as a possibility. 

Rest assured, I am working on providing one (and have purchased hardware already), but circumstances have limited my access to tooling since the beginning of the global slowdown.