PURPLE Lyra-8 DIY Lotus Touchpad Panel

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Purple Lotus Touchpad panel. This is a one-time thing...these panels have a higher-resolution silkscreen process along with a purple (sort of aubergine/eggplant) soldermask. They were far more expensive to produce than the black ones. Once they're gone, they're gone!

PCB material panel for your DIY Lyra-8 build. This panel has Lotus-mandala touchpads that replace the DIN thumbscrews on the original. Solder pads on the back of the panel match up with the Lyra Control PCB, and you just glob the solder (of a bit of bus wire) between them. 

Vibrato and FB switch bodies are grounded to the touchpads. 

266 x 266 mm...same size as factory Lyra-8

1.6 mm FR4

Purple soldermask and ENIG coating on exposed copper, high definition silkscreen process