Hammond Helix Standard Panel

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PCB material panel made to fit the Hammond 1444-12123 enclosure. 

The panel drillings were taken off of the published Hammond drawings, but have been off by various amounts when compared to actual enclosure boxes. Turning the panel ninety degrees on the box, and drilling new holes has been easy and acceptable. 


This panel ditches the DIN thumbscrew contacts in favor of double-spiral touchpads, eliminating one of the hardest-to-source parts of the build. The backside of the panel has some extra traces and pads to mount toggle switches for individual voice holds. Drilling at the marked circles is required. If you use sub-miniature toggles, they should fit without modifying the enclosure, but miniature toggles may require a bit of trimming or filing. 

Alternatively, you could mount the panel on the top face of the enclosure (it was designed to replace the bottom panel, to save money) and that would require no filing, but drilling for the panel pots and switches. Make sure your bushings have enough height to mount through all 3 layers!

Vibrato and FB switch bodies are grounded to the touchpads. 

1.6 mm FR4

Satin Black soldermask and ENIG coating on exposed copper.