Expanded Panel Rev. 8 20 Gerber with added I/O

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This is a Gerber file for the expansion panel, Revision 8 20


Changes to this panel are as follows:

  - Integrated the IO panel into the bottom of the front panel

  - Moved the graphics to the bottom of the panel, so that drilling for the standoff screws does not interfere with anything

  - Turned the on/off graphic for the vibrato switches 180 degrees

  - Moved Wing A and Wing B drillings 1 mm (each) toward center to make more room for mounting in rack

  - Added 2 rack mount holes 

  - Changed layout of I/O to put power switch near the pads on the PCB

  - Moved I/O switches and jacks to be easier to build

  - Added big-ass logo to back of board

  - Changed "LYRA-8+ DIY ORGANISMIC SYNTHESIZER" text and moved it



There is a revised expanded front panel *without* the I/O integration, in Gerber form only.